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On Wednesday 28th November 2012, exactly one year after lighting up Millbank Tower (http://youtu.be/SX2Gd-kqV5s), deadmau5 returned to London for another audiovisual spectacular, “This Is Lumia”.

With the latest smartphones featuring the best low-light imaging as well as the unique Nokia Music app (with exclusive deadmau5 playlist), it was the perfect way to celebrate the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 & Lumia 820

The intimate crowd at Flat Iron Square in Southwark was treated to an array of light, a few surprises and of course a flawless set from the inimitable deadmau5!

Every facet of the square was rigged with specially developed software so that it would appear as if the square was being ‘played’ like a musical instrument.

From the pulsating traffic cones to the flashing dustbins, the giant mirror balls to deadmau5 himself, make sure you don’t miss a beat by catching all the highlights here.

Check out the new album from deadmau5 on Nokia Music:

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